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Know How ?

 Know How ?

Dr. Naresh Bhati (Career Coach)

Dr.Naresh Bhati(Career Coach)

Dr.Naresh Bhati(Career Coach)

Benefits of Counselling Session

  • One – to one counselling session
  • Live session
  • No minimum or maximum time for the session.
  • In the counselling session, All your doubts will be cleared and you will be provided with all the assistance.
  • You can continue the session until all your doubts are cleared.

Course Offerings

doctor with stethoscope


Medical courses encompass a wide range of subjects, from general medical studies to specialized topics such as Anatomy, pharmacology, pathology, and many others. These courses equip  students with the essential knowledge and skills required to pursue a career in the medical field

Mechinacial Engineering in robotics.


Engineering programs offer students the necessary knowledge and abilities to produce and design products, systems, and structures. Additionally, they provide technical expertise for working with a broad range of technologies, from conventional mechanical engineering to advanced robotics



Management programs offer essential knowledge and skills necessary for success in the business field, including communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills. they teach management fundamentals, such as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, as well as how to effectively lead teams, foster relationships with colleagues, and make decisions in the workplace furthermore, by enrolling in management courses, students can gain insight into industry trends and develop a competative advantage in their career.

arts design


These programs offer numerous benefits to students, including fostering creative problem-solving and analytical skills, as well as promoting open-mindedness and tolerance by exposing students to diverse cultures and ideas.

Agriculture Intenship for students

Agriculture Intenship

Agriculture internships provide students with hands-on experience in farming and agricultural production, allowing them to learn about the latest technologies and techniques used in modern agriculture. Interns acquire knowledge in crop production, animal husbandry, sustainable farming practices, and agricultural management. These internships also offer students an opportunity to gain insight into agriculture’s business aspects, such as marketing, supply chain, and distribution.

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I self, persuing medical post-graduation in Germany under the guidance of Welcare Overseas. Definitely recommend the best advice, personal counseling 24/7 365. Heartly thanks to Dr.Naresh Sir and Dr.Ritesh Sir.

Dr. Geet Bhoraskar MBBS, (GERMANY)

Thank you for the best wishes, indeed I am extremely delighted with your outstanding service, WOE had remarkable assistance and guidance in each step, and I am very grateful for that, regarding my review  I believe you stopped at 5 with very good but I would give you a 6 for excellent service.

Thank you once again for your professionalism.

Dr Vikas Patil Pursuing Medical PG Ortho in Germany

Hello, Friends, Here I am studying for a Bachelor of Engineering in Germany. if you want to have the option to study abroad, ensure there are so many fraud concerns except WELCARE OVERSEAS EDUCATION. I am very proud to recommend it with no doubt and with a high level of satisfaction. Utilize this extraordinary opportunity which is very near to us.

Preksha Bhojak Engineering Student, Munich (Germany)

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