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MBBS in Akaki Tsereteli State University, Georgia

Akaki Tsereteli State University, also known as Kutaisi University, is a university established in July 1930 in Tbilisi, Georgia, and now located in Kutaisi
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MBBS in Akaki Tsereteli State University, Georgia

Akakai Tsereteki State University provides world-class study of medicine to the students. It was established in the year1930. The university is ranked 2nd in Georgia with a good number of experienced teachers. Every year more than 600 students take admission for MBBS in this institution. Being the 2nd ranked university is proof of being potent in itself. You must understand by now the value of studying medicine here. Get MBBS in Georgia at the lowest fee structure.

Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) recognizes it. WHO considers it a first-class medical college. The university is named after the famous poet Akakai Tsereteki. You will get good opportunities, exposure and practice with the best clinics in Georgia. Every year ‘Akaki Tsereteli State University’ produces skilled doctors. Being one of the oldest universities it is the most reputed.

Let’s get to some extra features of Akaki Tsereteli State University

  • It is a Georgian federation and thus a public governing institute.
  • Even the resources of the institution are taken care of by the Georgian federation.
  • ATSU is basically known for its specialty in general medicine courses.
  • The university promises you good faculty and emergency help.
  • Hygiene, technology, and separate departments are the important part of the college.
  • There are separate departments for overseas students.
  • The students can opt for either of the languages as the medium of teaching (Georgian/English).
  • Most interestingly it is a government body.
  • The nature of the campus is modern. The members live life according to modern culture.
  • The academic staff members are more than 6000 in number.
  • You can also call the university by the name ‘Kutaisi’.
  • It ranks under 10,000 in the world.
  • After MBBS, the graduates can practice anywhere in the world.
  • The living cost is economical
  • The university has hostels with all the necessary tools.
  • You can easily afford the tuition fees.
  • Moreover, the university is recognized by large organizations such as WHO, FAIMER, NMC, etc.

Which are the bodies Akaki Tsereteli State University has accreditation from?

  • The World Health Organisation accredits ATSU.
  • It is also accredited by the International Association of Medical Education and Research.
  • Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) also recognizes it.
  • International Medical Education Directory (IMED) is also a big organization that recognizes it.
  • The National Medical Council of India also recognizes it and is important for Indian students.

What is the course structure followed in Akaki Tsereteli State University?

Let’s know about the subjects in brief with some examples:

1st year: Biochemistry, History of medicine, Molecular biology, Anatomy

2nd year: Immunology, Endocrine, Nanomedicine, Philosophy, Introduction to public health

3rd year: Pathology, Pharmacology, Clinical skills, Medicine management

4th year: Urology, System biology, Laboratory medicine, Nephrology

5th year: Stomatology, Dermatology, Forensic Medicine, Medical toxicology, Ophthalmology

6th year: Narcotics, Family medicine, Patient care, clinical practice

These are mere instances of the subjects which you actually learn in MBBS study from ATSU.

Why should you choose Akaki Tsereteli State University for MBBS?

  • Of course, you should choose this university as it is the 2nd ranked university in Georgia. Being on rank 2nd for a university is not an ordinary thing.
  • You will definitely be provided a higher standard of medical education in here. It is old still in top ranking because of its promising academics.
  • ATSU has several branches throughout the globe. It makes it easier for the students to choose their study destination.
  • The university promotes public welfare by lost cost aid to needy people.
  • The technique of teaching is modern and scientific. The college runs on system and discipline.
  • It has enough research tools for the students to practice on a regular basis.
  • It believes in the overall development of any student whether is social, cultural, or economic.
  • Every year the institution raises funds for the students and their study material. It is said that it has raised 6.5 million dollars till yet.

Hence, the University has a great vision for all of its students. Students are taken care inside the college campus. No one is left or cornered when comes to giving special attention. The faculty makes sure that no student should face any issue in academics.

How can the Indian students benefit in Akaki Tsereteli State University?

  • Every Indian student knows that the cost of studying MBBS in India is way more expensive than in Europe. This way any Indian student can definitely benefit by studying MBBS from ATSU.
  • The scope is even better than that of India. After MBBS from ATSU, you can practice all around the globe.
  • The life style is Urban and cheap in Europe and especially in this University.
  • You require no donation to take admission in ATSU.
  • You definitely get a good quality of education. You develop your over-all skillset and come out as a rising star. 
  • The university members are equally supportive for the students from outside countries.
  • They teach languages along with the mandatory courses.
  • You can get the best learning experience. This is because the place has highly qualified faculty members.
  • The best part is that the National Medical Council recognises it. It means you can easily practice in India after the completion of the course.
  • You can get affordable accommodation.
  • You get Indian cuisine which is normally hard to find in outer countries.
  • You can jell up with your Indian fellows and get the comfortable and homely vibe. Lots of Indians study here.
  • You are out of high competition and a high fee structure.
  • The admission fee is cheaper and you get admission in a first come and first serve basis.

What is the duration of the course in ATMU?

The duration of the MBBS course is 6 years along with 1 year of mandatory internship. This duration is more than enough for you to become a successful practitioner.

What is the fee structure for MBBS in Akaki Tsereteli State University?

The tuition fee per year is 38500 USD that is 2, 69, 500 INR. The hostel fee per year is 1200 USD which is 84000 INR. Thus, it is the best university with the best budget.

What is the eligibility for admission in Akaki Tsereteli State University?

You should not be lea than 17 years of age. You must have passed 12th with pure science subjects with 50%. In case of reserved category, it is 45% in 12th. You should be NEET qualified in order to take admission in ATSU. That is all. Further, no entrance test is required.

Do you want to know about the review of some of the Indian students?

As per the unofficial sources, we know that the Indian students get a good exposure at ATSU. They enjoy their academics and the lifestyle inside the college campus. They face good crowd and helpful people. The faculty is actually very supportive and there is a negligible chance of partiality. Therefore, if you choose ‘Akaki Tsereteli State University, you do good to yourself.

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