MBBS in Latvia

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Study MBBS in Latvia

About Latvia

Latvia is the Democratic Republic in the Baltic region of Northern Europe with just over two million inhabitants. It is located along the coast of the Baltic Sea and is one of the Baltic states. Latvia shares borders with Russia, Belarus and Sweden. Being surrounded by such countries of varying cultures, Latvia has a unique location across the globe.To study MBBS in Latvia.

All the different cultures have had a huge influence on Latvia, which provides you with a multi-cultural experience! Latvia has currently become a big target for students looking to pursue MBBS. Studying MBBS in Latvia is a great option has it has a temperate seasonal climate which is a good climatic condition and most students from across the globe can easily adapt to it.

And the education cost is very less compared to other countries and the overall admission process is a very simple process.

Why Study MBBS in Latvia?

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Latvia is one of the best options out there for students trying to pursue MBBS. The quality of education is the same as the ones you get from universities in the UK or US and compared to these countries, the education fees are very less and affordable. Most of the universities in other countries compel the students to study their naïve language.

But universities in Latvia teach in English medium, so you don’t have to worry about having to learn their native language. Western-style education provides the student with the latest medical technologies and gives great practical exposure by patient-centered clinical training. 

All the universities of Latvia are equipped with well experienced and top-notch academics and medical professionals to provide you with the best guidance possible.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Latvia.

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A globally recognized Medical Degree

The Latvian medical degree is a globally recognized medical degree and has been listed by many International bodies like WHO, EU, etc. The universities also provide training in USMLE and PLAB which lets the students practice in the UK as well as in the US.


NO IELTS or NO Entrance exams

Most countries require you to take up IELTS exams and except you to get a specific score to be eligible for admissions. Or you may have to take a tough entrance exam to get cleared for admissions. But in Latvian universities, you require no such exams or scores. You can easily obtain admission by meeting the requirements.


Affordable education fees and living cost

The fee structure for MBBS in Latvia is very attractive. Latvian university fees are very cheap and affordable compared to other countries and they still provide high-quality western-style education. Latvia is a cheap country to live in. The cost of living is very minimum as compared to other countries.



Quality of education

The education system in most of the universities combines theory and practical’s well so that the best and efficient form of teaching is provided to the students. All the universities are packed with well-experienced teaching staff who can provide proper guidance as well as can handle international students.

All the universities have an excellent teacher-student ratio. The students studying medicine in Latvia are eligible to appear for the MCI screening test and other medical licensing examinations. 



Latvian universities make it eligible for the student to attempt for internships second year onwards. The colleges have top standard hospitals affiliated to them with the latest medical tools and technologies. All these hospitals provide great healthcare and are capable of accommodating a large number of students and patients.



Many universities in Latvia also provide medical scholarships. Also, Latvian law students to do the part-time job up to 20hrs along with studies, where other countries allow only lesser hours of part-time jobs.

All the universities have an excellent teacher-student ratio. The students studying medicine in Latvia are eligible to apply for Scholarships in Latvia.

Living in Latvia

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  • Living in Latvia is much cheaper in comparison and more developed countries in Europe. Expatriates who have an incredible life but still have to pursue a financial plan are in a perfect position.
  • Latvia provides a broad range of accommodation. For those who respect luxury and high quality, you should pick out luxuriant hotels in Riga and other cities and regions of Latvia.
  • while those wanting to experience the calm and soothing provinces should pick out a remote guesthouse or campground in Latvia. The lodging is free of charge.
  • The sports you will experience include cycling, track, and field, soccer, tennis, and wellness in almost any university.
  • In fact, colleges provide pop, dance, and theater clubs for culture enthusiasts, many of which compete in national or international competitions.
  • The expense of dormitory and student hostel depends on different living conditions or place from EUR 70 to EUR 120 a month.
  • The cost of rent to stay in a private apartment is around EUR 250–350. The price of food may be between EUR 120–250 a month. Meal cost between 6 and 9 EUR on average.
Living in Latvia
  • Depending on the type of lodging, the average monthly living expenses in Latvia are valued between € 450 and 700.
  • Although Latvia is in the EU, here everything is way cheaper than in other European countries.
  • Latvia has retained most of its historic buildings, which makes it very famous for tourism. The city’s architectural theme can be seen for days.
  • For most people, the living standard is very low, and Latvia remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. 
  • Expatriates residing in Latvia provide free public education if they contribute social security contributions and are permitted to live but, then, most expatriates decide to send their children to an international school, as lessons are learned in English and skills are recognized worldwide.
  • The Latvian public health services are funded through the allocation of social security and minor fees for certain procedures and regulated by the LAHS.

Documents Required for MBBS in Latvia

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  • ZLetter of Admission from university in Latvia
  • Z2 Copies of 10th and 12th Mark sheet & Certificates
  • Z3 Photographs
  • ZPolice Clearance Certificate
  • ZStatement of Purpose
  • ZDegree certificate attested by the Ministry of External Affairs India for Master’s program
  • ZWork experience letter –If applicable
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