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Study MBBS in Ukraine


Global exposure along with extra language skill


WHO, UNESCO, MCI,NMC recognised Universities


Hardly takes 5000-7000 $ annually with hostel and food

Why Take MBBS Admission in Ukraine?


  1. Firstly,Yes, MBBS admission in Ukraine is valid in India and in fact, worldwide. Ukraine comes among one of the hot destinations to study MBBS.
  2. Secondly,Every year students in bulk go to foreign for medical studies. Ukraine is one among them. Thus, the Universities in Ukraine are affiliated with the Ministry of Education and science and the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.
  3. Thirdly, The universities in Ukraine are also listed in the world dictionary of Medical school by WHO and other important medical organizations. A wide range of medical programs is introduced to the students. Approximately 60,000 students had been enrolled to date in the Universities in India.  Proper discipline and regulations are followed in Ukraine. Thus MBBS Admission in Ukraine is totally the same as the Indian mbbs course.
  4. In every university, the batches have small numbers like 20-25 students so that the students can learn easily and in full convenience. The Universities in Ukraine follow guidelines by the higher authorities. Proper decency and discipline are followed on campus. Ukraine is a beautiful place to explore.
  5. As the students not only choose a place to study but to be in a better crowd at a better place, it is obvious for some of them to choose the place for their growth and education. Therefore, the validity of Ukraine’s MBBS is counted for its quality and systematic education.
  6. Lastly, MBBS admission in ukraine is almost 6 years in Ukraine along with an internship. It is the country in Europe with a 100% literacy rate. The universities emphasize both, practical and theoretical knowledge.
  7. For Direct MBBS Admission in Ukraine call 7483221765


It can be said that the universities facilitate the students in every aspect. Easy or hard, the study depends on the enthusiasm of a student. A true aspirant never thinks about the easy way out especially when spends money on a good course.

The study of MBBS takes deeper dedication in itself. If a student is truly dedicated to medical study, Ukraine is a suitable place for him/her. People also choose the place for personality enhancement. If you see the environment, discipline, rules, and system, the study is made easier for students. It’s difficult to define easy, as everyone has their own definition and comfort about ease.

As known and heard about the scenario, it can be said that aspirants would definitely love to study in Ukraine. It’s just that the students from Ukraine should pass the basic test which is called the screening test, to practice in India conducted by MCI (Medical Council of India). MD degree in Ukraine is equivalent to MBBS in India. 

What is the COST OF STUDYING/Fees for MBBS in UKRAINE?

Ukraine is not only known for excellent education but also for its pricing. As compared to the western countries, the fee structure is at the ease. It is 70% of the universities are affordable. The universities have a fee structure lower than the other countries in Europe as well as in India. The fee structure is cost-effective. No hidden amount is paid while taking admission in Ukraine. The hostel room charges and the tuition fee are affordable. It hardly takes 5000-7000 $ annually for both. Let’s see few universities and their fee structure:-

  1. Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University-3900USD/yr
  2. Lviv National Medical University-4900USD/yr
  3. Vinnytsia National Medical University-5000USD/yr
  4. Ternopil State Medical University-3800/yr
  5. Kyiv Medical University-3500/

These universities even have a much better ranking worldwide. For Direct MBBS Admission in Ukraine call 7483221765


Yes, NEET is required for admission in Ukraine because it is a basic step to qualify for MBBS in Ukraine. Being an Indian student there is no direct way to admission without qualifying NEET. A student should be at least eligible for Ukraine’s education which has a step towards it and it comes after NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test).


Depending upon the percentile, the student can take admission to the college of Ukraine. The more the percentile, the more a student can think of a better college. Students must have an MCI certificate. For eligibility, a student must have at least 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology along with English as the main subject. 

What is The SPECIAL ADVANTAGE for taking MBBS Admission IN UKRAINE?

Global exposure along with extra language skills is what a student can get in Ukraine. The admission procedure in this country is very quick and easy. Concentration and convenience increase with the fewer number of students in every batch. Students from Ukraine have the eligibility to sit for the screening test for any country like the USA, UK, etc. Experienced professors and a systematic atmosphere help the students to grow and excel in the field of medicines. National and International exposure is a must once the aspirant has the degree from this country. NEET eligible students can go for direct admission to any college in Ukraine. Coaching classes with extra-curricular activities are provided to students. Moreover, what can be better if a student is exposed to the international standard of education? With fewer fee, students are given sufficient attention and nourishment. 


The students must be eligible and eligibility comes with the NEET exam. The minimum age limit is 17 for any student for admission in Ukraine. After a student is eligible, the next step is counseling. The academic and aptitude performance decides the college be allotted to the student. It is also based on a first come first served scheme. After clearing all the sessions, a student gets a call letter from the college or university. 

How UKRAINE is convenient for MBBS?

WHO, UNESCO, MCI, etc are among the organizations which recognize the universities in this country. The direct admission process is in usual practice in Ukraine. After completing the course, students get a globally recognized medical degree. Well-oriented training along with safety and security is provided to every student. It is one of the polished education systems on the globe.

The unusual and good part is, students, do not have to pass IELTS or TOELF to prove the English fluency. With the advanced technology, the research team provides the student with a smart and easy techniques for their practical and theoretical study. 

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