Nurse Jobs in Germany for Non-EU Citizens


Germany has the world’s best Health care System. Nursing career in Germany

Germany lacks enough adequate trained health personnel to satisfy the requirements of a population with increasingly long anticipation and every one the associated consequences in terms of health. Unemployment is extremely low in Germany compared to the remainder of Europe. At present Nursing career in Germany have great demand in Germany and Nurses are Highly Paid.


(Golden opportunity)

Nurses Life in GERMANY

(Best country to live and work)


(Bright future in Germany)


(Mandatory process,apply with us)

nursing job in germany



Who can apply?

GNM (min.3years)/BSc/Post BSc/MSc Nurses with B2 German certificate


  • Salary starts from 2500~3000 Euros/month
  • No Block Account is required (save 10,356 euros ~ 8 lakh approx.)
  • No IELTS/TOEFL is required
  • Free Accommodation provided ( Depends on the employer)
  • Can take Spouse and children after 6 months of work experience
  • Free Education in Germany



Nurse Adaptation program

Who can apply?

GNM/Bsc/Post BSc/MSc Nurses with A2 German Certificate

Need Block Account 10,356 Euros


  • Fresher can apply ( GNM/BSC/POST BSC/MSC)
  • Only Need A2 level German certificate
  • Preparation for B1, B2, and C1 terminology in Germany
  • Part-time Job offer: Earn 1200 ~ 1500 euros/month during the adaptation program
  • After completion of Adaptation, program salary starts from 2500 ~ 3000 euros/month
  • Accommodation will be arranged ( Need to pay min.250~350 euros/month)


1) Step by Step Process in India
  1. Consultation and explanation of the process.
  2. Sign the Training and Job Agreement.
  3. Pre Interview with German Job Agency.
  4. Start with German Language training A1 to B2 Level.
  5. Pre Document Check for Apostle and Translation (Find details in documents List).
  • Translation all the diplomas and Transcripts in the German Language.
  • Certified Copy (Beglaubigung) of all the documents (diplomas, transcripts, certificates,..) from the German Embassy in India.
  • Send the Document to us to start preparing the equivalence and Work Contract, Recognition of Diploma generally takes 3-4 months.
  1. Once you finish B1, Your interview process starts for a Job Contract.
  2. Till you apply for Visa interview and Get dates, Finish your B2 Level.
  3. As soon as you get Recognition & Job contract Apply for Visa Interview.
  4. Preparation for Resume & Motivational Letter in German.
  5. Preparation of Documentation & Training for Visa Interview.
  6. Visa Interview (Visa 17A with employment contract)
  7. Get a visa and fly to Germany.
1) Step by Step Process in Germany
  1. Airport Pickup
  2. Accommodation Arrangement by Hospital for 6 months (Will be low charges or No charges depends on the Employer)
  3. We help for City Registration with Foreign Authorities
  4. Start work as a Nursing Assistant, with a Basic salary from 2000 Euro to 2200 Euros.
  5. Preparation registration for the exam („Kenntnisprüfung“)
  6. After you pass the Exam, change into Registered Nurse, Salary also Increase, 2500 Euros to 3000 Euros.
  7. The first 18 months to 2 years will be Temporary and then Employers appoints you as permanent as Nursing career in Germany.
nursing program in germany
2) Role of Agency in India
  1. Explanation of Process.
  2. Training & Job Agreement with Interested Nurse.
  3. Intensive language course from A1 to B2.
  4. Preparation of the Documents for Apostle and Translation in the German Language.
  5. Send the Translated documents to Germany for Recognition.
  6. Interview preparation for German Employers.
  7. Arrange Interview after B1 German Language.
  8. Help Nurses to get Contract letter and Recognition.
  9. Help Nurses to Take Visa interview dates for the work permits.
  10. Documentation & Preparation for Visa interview.
  11. Help Nurses for Insurance, Flights Tickets, and others required for visas and to fly Germany.
2) Role of Agency in Germany
  1. Pre-interview schedule before starting the process.
  2. Pre Check of Resume and Experience
  3. Get the approval of Documents from the Employer.
  4. Apply for Recognition in Germany for Nurses.
  5. After B1, Schedule Interview for Job contract Letter with Employer.
  6. Sending Recognition of Each Nurse before Visa.
  7. Airport pickup of each Nurse.
  8. Accommodation Arrangement.
  9. Helping Nurses for City Registration.
  10. Registration for the job in Hospital.
  11. Preparation for an exam („Kenntnisprüfung“)


nursing life in germany

How to start working as nurse in Germany?

Fully qualified nurses with some work experience in their home country will be allowed to work in Germany after completing the German language up to the B2 level and doing an adaption course or passing a nurses exam.

As an ageing society, Germany does not only have a high demand for nurses, but also for people looking after the elderly in special homes for Nursing career in Germany.

1) Visa Application Process for Foreign Nurses in Home country

The First Step:
If a nurse is interested in working in Germany he/she must first have all documents checked to see if he/she is eligible. To do this we need scanned copies of following documents:

  • Proof of identity (identity card or passport)
    CV/personal data sheet in table format
  • Proof of completed nursing studies (degree certificate, diploma, nursing school qualification)
  • Proof of all courses with subjects and hours (theoretical and practical training)
  • Proof of duration and content of clinical internships
  • Certificates showing relevant professional experience

The Second Step:
If the nurse is eligible we will send her a non-binding offer letter stating all the cost involved. We will ask him/her to send us all documents as certified copies by courier to Germany. Upon receiving the documents in Germany, we will send the documents to an accredited translator as Nursing career in Germany (to translate everything into German)

The Third Step:
The German state office will evaluate the documents of the nurse and will compare his/her qualifications and work experience with the German curriculum. They will decide about their eligibility and will issue a document of acknowledgement of his/her qualifications and work experience. – detailing what needs to be done in Germany in additional qualification/training for Nursing career in Germany

When we have this we will send you the following:

  • Document of acknowledgement of qualifications and work experience
  • A booking confirmation for Nurse Adaptation course

2) Process in Germany for Nurse Adaptation

The nurse will first have to visit a German intensive course up to the B2 level (30 weeks, 30 lessons per week) and pass the TELC B2 exam

The nurse then has 2 options to become fully qualified in Germany:

1. Do an adaptation course in a hospital that typically takes about 6-12 months and ends with an oral examination. The costs of this is usually paid by the German Government (application required)


2. Do a written nursing exam. A preparation course is necessary and usually takes 3-6 months. The costs for this are typically covered by the German Government (application required)

Upon passing the exam, the nursing school will issue a certificate, which allows the nurse to work as a recognized nurse.
The nurse will be able to work as an acknowledged nurse all over Germany. Usually, job offers are published at the nursing school or at the hospital as there is an extremely high demand for Nursing career in Germany


If the Diploma is not fully equivalent:

Step 1:

•Filling an application for a work permit
•Preparation of the stay card

 Step 2:

•Work as a nursing assistant 2000 euro gross salary apart from bonuses and extra work ): maximum duration of 18 months

Step 3:

•Prepare for the exam
•Take the perusal exam Kenntnisprüfung

Step 4:

  • To pass the exam
  • Change of the title Nurse “ (salary increases up to 2500 Euro Gross)

If the Diploma is fully equivalent:

Step 1

•Filling an application for a work permit
•Preparation of the stay card

Step 2

  • Show Proof of the B 2 German language
  • Start to Work as Nurse “salary up to 2500 euro
In order to obtain a decision under which conditions the validation of your degree will be conducted, it is necessary to have:

1. All your nurse study documents in your mother language ( certified copies) and original translation in German ( or copies of translation but those copies must be certified at the German embassy in your country)

2. Application (Antrag) – a copy has been provided/attached to fill in Germany and SIGN, please

3. CV (Lebenslauf) – a copy has been provided/attached, filled in Germany and SIGN, please

4. Excerpt from the birth register – an international copy or translated

5. For persons whose name and surname with diploma or certificate is not the same as in the passport, who changed their surname (or name) for any reason (marriage, adoption, divorce and again a new marriage …) a copy from the marriage registration book or any other court document showing the correctness of the name or surname, Nursing career in Germany that this is, in fact, the same person. international copy or translated

6. Evidence of work experience, confirmation when, where and what you worked on the jobs in the profession

7. Employer recommendations can be helpful

8. A passport copy – it does not have to be a certified, black and white copy

9. A copy of the certificate of German exam, a copy must be certified at the German embassy in your country or in Germany

10. Contract with a German employer, if you have found a job

Documents to be translated:

1. GNM/BSC/Post BSC/MSC Degree with Apostille – for each degree/diploma of nurse education you have (a certified copy of the original and original translation and a certified copy of translation (please certified the copy of translation at the German Embassy in your country)

2. The curriculum of Nursing Studies – the complete/total fond of hours of practice and theory per subject; The exact number of weekly hours per subject for Nursing career in Germany; (a certified copy of the original and original translation or certified copy of translation (please certify the copy of translation at the German Embassy )

3. Professional examination or Lizenz ( Nursing State License/ Registration )(a certified copy of the original and original translation or certified copy of translation (please certified the copy of translation at the German Embassy )

4. Previous work experience, where you worked, and the exact job description. (a certified copy of the original and original translation or certified copy of translation (please certified the copy of translation at the German Embassy )

5. Employers’ recommendations may be helpful ( LOR from Employer)(a certified copy of the original and original translation or certified copy of translation (please certified the copy of translation at the German Embassy )

6. If you are unable to obtain international birth certificates, weddings, citizenship, then all the copies that are in your language are to be translated Nursing career in Germany.(a certified copy of the original and original translation or certified copy of translation (please certified the copy of translation at the German Embassy )

7. All copies that translator links to translations must be authenticated/certified by Notary / German Embassy

Documents Need to Be Apostilled:
  • 10th, 12th Marks cards
  • 12th School leaving Certificate
  • Nursing Certificates ( yearly or semester wise)
  • Nursing Completion Certificate
  • Nursing State registration or License
  • Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, or any Name Change certificate
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