PG In UK After MBBS In India

In this article, you will learn how to do PG in UK after mbbs in India?. Also, we will be dealing with the process and advantages of doing PG  in The United Kingdom.

Uk being a renowned Medical PG hub has recognition from big organisations like WHO, MCI, PLAB, UK etc.

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How to Do a PG in the UK After MBBS in India? 

Pursue PG in UK After MBBS in INDIA. We help Indian Doctors to secure PG in the UK after MBBS in India.
  • UK deals with PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board) which is a medical and language test that is used in the implementation of the process of registration in the Medical Council. As we know, the demand for medical education is increasing year by year and a wide range of students are migrating to countries for MBBS. There is no doubt, India being a hot spot for medical students attracts more and more crowds from all over the world. Students from the UK, USA, India, Germany, Philippines, etc. Come to study MBBS in India. India being a renowned MBBS hub has recognition from big organizations like WHO, MCI, PLAB, UK, etc. 
PG in the UK:
  • The study of MBBS from India is valid in almost all countries including the UK. The UK is the best place for small internships, basic practice, and earnings. Though getting a permanent residency can be a bit of a challenge as one needs to apply for the position he’s practicing under. It needs 8-10 years of practice in the medical profession for a professional to have a permanent residency. Aspirants may have to pass a basic screening test to practice in the UK. Different countries have different criteria for getting a license. The UK is an amazing training spot. The more strong the CV, the more an aspirant is going to be important for the country. Research works put good weight on the resume of an MBBS degree holder. 

Indian MBBS Doctors in the UK:-

  • The UK has many state healthcare systems, family medical centers, and hospitals.  Being an MBBS professional from India opens up many career options for aspirants. Some become health trainers, and some diet specialists. Some practice medicine and some. All the regulations are according to the National Health System (NHS). All the doctors need to be qualified according to the registration they want to make in the UK.
  • The registration decides the post of SHO (Senior House Officer), SpR (Special Registrar), GP (General practitioner), consultant, or PHRO (Pre-registration house officer). All these are the doctor’s grades and positions. An MBBS professional needs medical registration to be allowed to work in hospitals or health care centers. Limited, special, conventional, and full are the 4 types of registrations in the UK.
UK Indian MBBS doctors:
  • Students who are graduates from the UK get the Conventional registration. Limited registration is for foreign doctors. It is valid for the time a doctor becomes experienced and then it shall be canceled and be changed as conventional registration. Full registration gives authority to a doctor to work as per NHS (National Health System) at any position without the interruption of anyone. Doctors who have special registration are allowed to work in a state or privately owned sector without the supervision of any higher authority.
  • The Alternative to the UK, If you want is PG Medical in Germany.
  • We also help Students to Get MD MS PG Medical Admission in India.

What is the process for TAKING LICENCE to PRACTICE as Doctor IN UK?

The way to take the license to practice is to register the name into Medical Council. The process holds the basic test along with some general conditions to hand over the license to practice and participate in the health care system. The license won’t reflect any restrictions or rigidity. The license is the same for all, though the registration shall be different. PLAB test is required for the proceedings for the license. We help Indian Doctors to do PG in UK After MBBS in India.


Yes, there is definitely a way out to the application of medical registration. There are 4 ways in which a professional can apply for registration without passing a medical examination. 

  1. If one has gained the position of a specialist registrar.
  2. By the recommendation of a good committee on specialized training according to the qualification acquired abroad.
  3. If one has acquired opportunities or training in one of the elite medical colleges.
  4. If a doctor has passed any specific subject in relation to the college.

The system of the license is important so as to verify the quality and authenticity of the MBBS degree. It is evidence of a professional being a doctor. The license granted brings the duty along with it. The hospitals in the UK help one understand the methods and techniques of treatment, make skillful interrogations with colleagues and work with responsibility. Language is not a barrier and no matter what language one speaks, the hospitals in the UK appreciate the ability of a doctor. To get a PG in the UK after MBBS in India feel free to contact us.

WHAT is the Average SALARY of A Indian DOCTOR IN the UK?

If a doctor is employed in the UK, his/her salary would be around 45000 pounds to 50000 pounds. A doctor needs to just pass the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board).

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