Steps for Italy Student Visa

These are subsequent processes to be done to reach Italy for Higher Studies. Steps for Italy Student Visa 


1. Documents require to start the application


2. Legalization/attestation of your degree/provisional certificate


3. Pre-enrolment


4. Declaration of Value (DOV)


5. Visa Application


6. EDISU scholarship document preparation


1. Documents required to start the application

A) Application processing for admission to Italian Universities:

  1. SSC/10th Marks card
  2. Plus Two/12th Marks card
  3. Bachelor Degree Certificate (Provisional & Consolidate)
  4. Two Recommendation Letters
  5. Extra-Curricular Certificates (if any)
  6. Passport (Front and Back on one page)
  7. 6 Photographs
  8. CV (Soft Copy)
  9. SOP (Soft Copy)

B) Application Requirements:


1) Students with 60% and above can apply. However, we recommend 65%.

2) Mechanical engineering and related programs, Automobile engineering along with Automation Engineering and related programs will require a minimum of 75%. Please do not accept applications with less than 75%

3) For undergrad programs, the age limit is 20. Gap years should be clearly demonstrated. If they were doing a job, then a proper job letter is needed and if they were doing any education, then certificates will have to be produced. There are limited English-taught programs for undergrad.

4) For postgraduate programs, the age limit is 26 or a maximum of 27. Gap years should be clearly demonstrated. If they were doing a job, then a proper job letter is needed and if they were doing any education, then certificates will have to be produced

5) Please do not guarantee Universities and courses. We apply to 4 to 6, sometimes more Universities. As students from all over the world apply it can get tough sometimes even with all our contacts and 5 connections to get admission to any specific program or university.

6) Programs offered by all the Universities in Italy are not as limited as in India. These are mostly BS or MS programs. There is nothing like B. Tech in Civil Engineering but a more specialized program like BS in Sustainable Building Engineering. All Engineering and professional programs at the undergrad level are three (3) years and not.

7) Assessment of financial strength and capability: You will have to ascertain (Find out) from the student and the parent if they will be able to show 8 lakhs in their bank account.

8) The Assessment of English language skills: The student’s English language skills have to be high. As there is no English proficiency testing (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE) needed for admission, during the pre-enrollment interview, they will have to do very well and answer all questions in fluent English confidently. We can train them for the interview, but if their English is poor, it will be tough for them to get Steps for Italy Student visa. If you have applicants with poor English language skills, then you have to recommend them for a few months of intensive English programs. All students whom we recommend intensive English training and who have gone through it have done very well and all of them got the visa.

9) The focus for admissions is on Post Graduate programs as all the universities we work with offer a wide range of Master’s programs.

10)  However, there are limited programs for Undergrad (B.Com. BBA, BSC, Engineering) in English being offered by Public/Government Universities

11) The admission closing date of all programs is 31st May 2020. + 10 days if the profile is very strong (like 80% marks and above).

12) Along with the application process the students have to be advised to start getting their original documents Apostilled (Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi) and HRD(From the State Ministry of Human Resource Development)Steps for Italy Student Visa, so that they be ready to produce them during their pre-enrollment. The documents are

a) Provisional Certificate (FOR FINAL YEARS ONLY)

b) Degree Certificate (Mandatory for everyone except final years)

c) Letter from the University should be Apostilled if final year student does not get the Provisional certificate before pre-enrollment.

2. Legalization/attestation of your degree/provisional certificate

Your degree or provisional certificate (only just in case you’re in your final year of studies now and haven’t received your degree certificate yet) has got to be attested at three levels as mentioned below:

1) University level

2) State government level

3) Central government level

1) & 2): First you need to get HRD attestation for your degree certificate. This is done at the Secretariat in Chennai. Once you submit your degree/provisional certificate for HRD attestation, they’re going to send your document to your university for confirmation that your documents are legit.Steps for Italy Student Visa. Then the Secretariat gives the HRD attestation and will give you back. This process takes about two weeks depending upon how much you push them.

3) After this is often done, you're taking attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA),

Ministry of External Affairs Branch Secretariat,

68, College Road,

E.V.K. Sampath Maaligai, 7th Floor,

Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600006.

You have to require a DD and submit your HRD Attested document. You will submit within the morning and can catch on an equivalent day evening. This attestation is called Apostille which is acceptable in almost every country in the world as a legitimate form of legalization.Steps for Italy Student Visa, Remember that you simply can do MEA only within the state where you probably did your studies or MEA, New Delhi. You cannot do MEA in any other state. HRD can only be done in the state where you did your studies.

Note: You can start these attestation activities only with your University admit letter.

3. Pre-enrolment

Students who want to study for a Bachelor’s or Master’s course in Italy have to Pre-enroll at the university where they would like to study.

The application for pre-enrolment has to be submitted to Italian diplomatic consular offices like the Italian Embassy in New Delhi or the Italian Consulate in Mumbai or Kolkata. The region or the State from where the student had education and is filing the documents will decide where the student will be going for pre-enrollment.

A) Required Documents for pre-enrolment:

1. Two photographs (white background)

2. Form A (for university) duly filled (except for the signature which is to be done in front of the Consular Officer)

3. Declaration of Value1 (if already obtained). Otherwise, it can be submitted with the student visa application

4. Original certificate of the final academic qualification duly attested (HRD) and Apostilled

5. Acceptance letter from the University in Italy

6. Cover Letter (mentioning the titles and duration of the courses completed)

7. Copy of the first and last page of the passport

In order to obtain a ‘Declaration of Value’ from the Embassy of Italy in New Delhi or the Italian Consulates, Please submit the following documents along with the application form:


1. Authenticated and apostilled highest degree – in original

2. Then Authenticated and apostilled mark sheet/transcript – in original

3.  Italian translation of the degree/mark sheet

4. ThePhotocopy of the originals (degree/mark sheet – both front and back)

5. Invitation/acceptance letter from the Italian University /Company (as applicable)

6. Photocopy of the passport (first and last page)

The authentication of the highest degree is required by the Regional Authentication Centre (Department of Education) of the State from which the degree has been obtained.

B) Working methodology of Pre-enrollment:

1) Date and time slot booking

Once all the documents are ready we have to book a time and date slot at the Italian Embassy in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. We will do the slot booking in Mumbai. Associates will have to book slots at Delhi Embassy and Kolkata Consulates for pre-enrollment

2) The importance of the interview

Although Pre-enrollment is the submission of documents & credentials to the Italian Embassy or the Consulate, over the years it has become an unofficial student visa interview and the report provided by the interviewing officer forms the basis of the Student visa-issuing decision

3) Preparing for the Pre-enrollment interview

The following aspects are considered by the visa officer when asking questions of the students:

  1. As no English Language proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL is required for admission, the visa officer checks the English speaking and listening ability of the student. The student is required to speak fluent English and comprehend and answer the questions asked by the visa officer.
  2. Why does the student want to study in Italy?
  3. Details of the study program the student is enrolling for?
  4. The financial strength of the student’s sponsors to undertake this program?
  5. Short-term and long-term plans of the student?
  6. Attached is a list of common questions asked which the students have to prepare before the interview
  7. To recap:

 Good English Language Skills

 Strong Finances

 Good Knowledge of the study program

 A clear idea of short-term and long-term goals

4. Declaration of Value (DOV)


DoV (Declaration of Value) is a translated Italian document attested by the Italian Consulate of India.

1) The Document Means?

 It is proof of the student’s under-graduation (UG) degree (if he/she is applying for a Master’s Degree in Italy) [which is accepted in Italian Universities]

motive of DOV:

This document proves that the student’s degree isn’t forged in any manner!

2) What documents should I process for DoV?

The last highest degree that you have obtained.

For Master’s Degree: The Degree Certificate of UG from Indian University. ( if u haven’t received a Degree certificate, you will get permission from your Italian university and should process the Provisional certificate for DoV.)

It’s better to try an equivalent process for your consolidated mark sheet also. [Note: Contact your Italian university for documents to process]

other Degrees: If you’re a Ph.D. student, then you ought to process your Master’s Degree Certificate which you’ve got received in INDIA.

3) How and Where should I start the method?

First step:

Since 2014, the VFS verification process has been made compulsory before processing the DOV.

This process is often initiated at nearby VFS before starting the state legalization process.

Before going for DOV, Prepare your original degree certificates and consolidated mark sheets, VFS just takes the scan of your originals and returns your original certificates immediately. So that you could start the following legalization process.

After 15 working days get confirmation from VFS if it had been successful.

Get your document Legalized from the government of your HOME university [ if Tamil Nadu/Mumbai/Delhi: attend the respective Secretariat office and invite the HRD Department. There they’re going to give the appliance and you ought to submit your originals there with the appliance ]

The hidden process behind this: The document will be verified and authenticated by your HOME university. Later, the house university authenticated document is received back by the secretariat office and they will further authenticate it.

This will take around 25 working days at maximum.

Second :

Authenticate the state-legalized document by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) India.

Take state-authenticated documents to Document to the Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA ) office, to urge the Apostle.

For this many say, we should always attend Delhi, but there are MEA offices in the metro cities.

Third :

Translate them into Italian

Next, this Authenticated Degree/Provisional Document should be translated into Italian.

This information is available in the following places:

It will take 7 days

Final :

Apply Declaration of Value (DOV) either in VFS or through Italian Consulate. and again this document should be submitted to VFS-Italy in your nearest location.

5. Visa Application

The next Step for Italy Student Visa is to use the study visa. You will be applying for an extended Term “D” type Study Visa. Check out the following document lists for more information. Study Visa – Long term:

Documents Required
1. Visa application cover letter
2. Original Pre Enrollment forms + 1 copy.
3. DoV + 1 Copy , Degree Certificate Translation + 1 copy
4. 2 Photographs according to Specification. ( 45*35, 80% Face, white
5. Bank Statement ( Seal & Signature is required)
    & Bank Certificate (in Banks’ Letterhead)
6. Copy of International Debit Card
7. Passport + 2 copies ( first and last page in one sheet)
8. Affidavit of Support (Letter from the sponsor) if the show money is in the Sponsors Bank account
9. ID proof of the sponsor.

10. Please note the following:

a. If the show money of 7.5 to 8 lakhs is in the student account then
a Sponsor letter is not needed.
b. The show money is in the student’s parent’s account sponsor letter is needed on Rs.50 stamp paper.
c. A minimum of 5 months old Bank Statement is required, where the bank’s seal is required on each page.
d. Bank certificate should be on Bank’s letterhead with the Seal & Signature of the Bank manager or accounts manager etc.
e. Copy of International Debit card with limits should be submitted

DOV may be a mandatory document to use for a visa and if your DOV is delayed, you’ll not have even your degree/provisional certificate to use for a visa. You may or might not have your DOV and provisional certificate while going for pre-enrolment thanks to the delay from VFS/Consulate. In such a situation, you have to mail the Incoming Mobility Office/International Admissions for Polito students ( seeking permission to apply for a visa without DOV explaining to them your situation. Only if they send you a mail stating you’ll proceed with applying for a visa without DOV, VFS will accept your visa application. Take a printout of that mail and fasten it together with your documents for visa application and submit it at VFS.

Remember that, the International Admissions office doesn’t send that mail that easily and that they have a deadline after only which they’re going to be able to send the mail to everyone, Steps for Italy Student Visa and then do who requests it. Wait for 15 working days from the DOV application as mentioned on the website, track your application once from VFS chat support, know the status then send the University a mail with Consulate and VFS email in cc. Send them emails once every four days in order that your request won’t be missed once they prepare to send the permission emails to everyone.

You need to require overseas medical insurance for a period of 1 year as a neighborhood of your application documents for the visa. Make sure the insurance validity starts from the day you’re traveling to Europe (the day of your flight from India).

The Visa application requires a prior appointment at VFS. Use the below link to register and make a meeting. Take a printout of the appointment while going. As mentioned earlier, it’s better to require an early appointment, which could also be the primary thereon day to avoid delays. The appointment is merely to allow you to inside the VFS office.

Now that you simply have finished the visa application, all you’ve got to try to do is to trace your visa application at the link on the VFS website or through VFS chat support.

6. EDISU scholarship document preparation

There are about 90 universities most are funded by the Government of Italy. Nearly 50 of these Universities offer English language education, most of them offer Masters Programs, Steps for Italy Student Visa some for Undergrad.

Indian students are approved for getting financing from the Italian government and can apply for a scholarship provided by the DSU (Regional “Right to Study” Program) and be granted tuition waivers or reductions based on their family income.

The full scholarship includes free accommodation, food, and a monthly payment to cover extra expenses. On average the students are granted up to € 5,200 per year during the course of their study which includes the above benefits. The Tuition fees which are waived off are not included in the € 5,200. The first-year Scholarship is based on family income.

However, from the second year, the students have to complete their required 60 ECTS to avail of the above benefits. The Scholarship money is disbursed just before Christmas or after the Christmas holidays.

scholarship preparation:

However, there will be enrollment charges which could be as much as € 800 per year depending on the University, which the students have to pay from their own pocket.

Documents required for Scholarship Processing:

  1. Property Certificate – Any buildings (e.g. houses) owned by the family in square feet. (Max 400 Sq ft. If your family lives in a rented home/ flat or doesn’t own any property No property certificate is required.
  2. Family Composition
  3. Bank Certificate
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