Why Study MBBS in Moldova?


Study MBBS in Moldova in English
  • Study MBBS in Moldova
  • MBBS in English
  • MBBS in Europe
  • Low Cost comparatively
  • Can practice in 26 countries.
  • The Schengen Area is an area comprising 26 European countries that have officially abolished all passports and all other types of border control at their mutual borders 


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  • MBBS in Moldova is getting popular among Indian students because of its standard teaching, quality placement records, and alumni. Moldova has a good environment. The expense of studying MBBS in Moldova is student-friendly. The medical colleges in Moldova have an affordable fee structure. Every year a good number of students comes up being a talented professional.
  • Indian students since the year 2000 had been visiting Moldova for their medical studies. Most students from India, Nepal, and Israel go for MBBS in Moldova.
  • The MCI-approved medical colleges in Moldova prefer the English language only for international students. Therefore, no language proficiency test is needed. In Moldova, the MBBS course is for 6 years. 3 years for preclinical study and the rest 3 years for clinical study. The internship is mandatory. Moldova offers American programs, Dentistry, General medicine, and Pharmacy as the branches of medicine. Study MBBS in Europe

Moldova is a beautiful and peaceful place to study. Moldovan leu is the currency used in Moldova. Russian, Gagauz and Romanian languages are used in Moldova. The place has an area of 33,846 km square. Camenca Airport, Balti International Airport, and Chadyr Lunga are a few of the important airports in Moldova. Oak and Big cow are the national plant and tree respectively. The time zone is 2 hours and 30 minutes below India. Ukraine and Romania are the neighboring countries. The distance from New Delhi to Moldova is only 4,663 kilometers. 



  • The student must have studied at an English medium school. A minimum of 55-65% is required in physics, chemistry, and maths in the intermediate for Indian students.
  • The MCI-approved medical colleges in Moldova take students, not below 17 years. The maximum age limit to apply for the MBBS course is 25 years. Students need to appear for NEET and qualify for the same with passing marks. NEET scorecard is compulsory as document proof. 
How can one gain admission to study MBBS in Moldova?
  • An aspirant needs to register himself for admission in Moldova. He/she needs to select the college and course. 
  • With the registration fee and documents, the application form needs to be submitted. The student receives an admission letter from the college within 15 days of submission of the form. 
  • Students after this need to apply for a visa which takes no less than 6 weeks. Students need to submit the original documents for that.
  • Embassy of Moldova approves for the notary by checking the genuine documents.
  • With all the required documents the student may leave for Moldova and within a week the admission and registration process for the 1st year shall be completed.


Benefits Set 1:

  • The MBBS degree from Moldova is recognized worldwide, hence, valid in India.
  • The curriculum for studies is always upgraded and makes the professionals’ industry smart.
  • The study of MBBS in Moldova can also be done with online mode.
  • The fee structure is affordable. Students enjoy a pocket-friendly environment in the country.
  • The medical colleges in Moldova also offer extra courses like diplomas or any preparatory course to international students.

Allowances :
  • Students easily get education loans for MBBS in Moldova.
  • The MCI-approved colleges are easier for the students.
  • A hostel facility for international students is provided in Moldova.
  • The education system of Moldova has a good quality and high standard teaching system.
  • Pre-clinical and clinical learning is given equal focus with equal time duration.
  • Moldova offers the best medical colleges at a reasonable fee structure.
  • WHO (World Health Organisation) and MCI (Medical Council of India) recognizes the Moldova medical university.


  • The internship opportunity is included in the study system. Students get to intern at the best medical places.
  • Scholarship is provided to needy and meritorious students.
  • The top-listed medical universities offer top medical courses to MBBS students.
  • Indian food is available in Moldova for Indian students.
  • The simple visa process makes it convenient for the student to move to Moldova.
  • Modern infrastructure and a peaceful environment make the life of a medical student easier in Moldova.


Appearing for PLAB is mandatory if one wants to study post-graduation in the UK. The test shall be divided into 2 parts. PLAB1 is for the single-option questions (MCQs), and PLAB2 is for objectives. For PLAB2, a student needs to pass PLAB1. It happens 4 times a year. Only an MBBS qualified can appear for PLAB but before that, he/she must pass IELTS with more than 7.5 bands. For MBBS in MOLDOVA contact us


USMLE is for students who want to go for post-graduation in the USA after MBBS. The test is divided into 3 parts. For Indian students, all the 3 steps are important to qualify for USMLE. USMLE happens thrice a year. Study MBBS in MOLDOVA.

Further Education Options After Completing MBBS in Moldova?

Usually, students opt for practice, teaching, studying master’s, or opening a clinic of their own. Here are a few things a student can do after MBBS in Moldova.

  • A professional may practice back in India after MBBS. Just that he/she has to pass the basic screening test for a license. He can also practice in Moldova.
  • If a student wants to go for medical post-graduation in the  Germany or UK, he/she needs to apply and appear for PLAB which is the entrance test for masters in the UK.
  • For post-graduation in GERMANY after the completion of MBBS, a student must clear the USMLE exam.
  • An aspirant can easily apply if wants to do post-graduation in medicine from Moldova itself. 
  • A valid passport
  • Mark sheet of 10th and 12th class
  • Certificates of 10th and 12th class
  • The application form
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Date of birth proof (Birth Certificate)
  • Medical test proof (must be HIV negative)
Required Documents:
  • Copy of chest X-Ray
  • Mental health certificate
  • Ministry of external affair (New Delhi) must authorize all the documents
  • University fee receipt
  • Achievement or merit proof (If any)
  • Consent letter of parents or guardian
  • Visa and Visa fee receipt
  • The principal of high school must recommend with character certificate
  • Approval of documents by the Embassy of Moldova
  • The cv or resume of student
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