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About Italy

Italy is a country situated in southern Europe and is a founding member of the European Union. Italy stands out from all the other European countries because of its rich culture and its immense history. Italy is really famous for its historic locations, its food and wine. Because of the beautiful culture and people Italy is one of the topmost countries students choose for education. Why Study in Italy?

Then it also has one of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Bologna. Italy has universities that provide lots of international courses that are well taught in English, so you can say that Italy is the favorite international destination for every student.


It is ranked 23rd in the world population ranking, it is home to over 62 million people. The Italian culture is immersed in arts, food, music, and architecture. Italy is home to one of the finest architecture the world has ever seen. Italy was the home of the Roman Empire and the major center of the Renaissance.


The temperature in Italy differs considerably from north to south. The northern areas of Italy like Milan, and Bologna have a relatively cool, mid-latitude humid subtropical climate whereas the coastal areas generally have a Mediterranean climate. During winters the temperature can drop up to -2 0C in the northern parts of Italy.

Summer is typically dry and sunny in the south of Florence and the north experiences a more humid and cloudier atmosphere. Spring and Autumn weather in Italy can be very changeable.

Benefits of Choosing Italy for Your Higher Education.

  • Free / Low Tuition Fee Universities
  • Many Scholarships* (Merit / Need Base) & Internships are available
  • Up to € 5,000 Living stipend from the Italian government per year
  • 15 Universities out of 71 among World’s Top 500 and ranked higher than IIT and IIM
  • 20hrs/Week Part-Time Work
  • 1yrs Work permit after Course Completion
  • No GRE/IELTS/TOEFL required
  • Any graduate can apply (including a 3 yrs degree holder like B.Com, BBA, or BSc in any field)
  • Chance to work in any of the 26 Schengen Countries including  Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Finland, etc., after completion of the study program.
Criteria: Bachelor’s Study:

In 12th class: Min. 70% or Above

Language Skills: MOI

IELTS:Not necessary

Requirements: To Study Master:

Bachelor’s: Above or Min. 60% 

English proficiency: MOI (Medium of Instruction)

International English Language Testing System: Not mandatory

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