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A lot of student Wants to Study Medicine in Germany, the medical PG course in Germany. PG in medicine from Germany is a privilege for medical students. Indian doctors and doctors from all across the world prefer to study PG in medicine from Germany. Though it’s quite complicated, it is the best option among overseas medical PGs.

The students need to crack NEET/AIPGMEE which is quite tough to go with the admission for PG medical from Germany. A student may have to face a few challenges for admission to a PG course in Germany. It takes 2 years to study PG in medicine from Germany. Studying medicine in Germany takes a lot of dedication and seriousness for any medical aspirant across the globe.



The Germany medical council rules the road map to medical PG in Germany. If a student has completed MBBS from Germany, it is quite easy and smooth for him to get admission to any ranked college of Germany for PG course. After MBBS from India or from any other country, taking admission for PG in Germany can be a bit tough as it needs language clarity. An aspirant must know the German language. The medical professionals are recommended to choose a ranked university in order to study PG for medicine in Germany. 


It is highly recommended to all the international students to attend online counselling sessions for PG medical in Germany. For the Indian students many counselling bodies hold seminars in different parts of the country. Students get expert and concerned counsellors for the advice and help to take admission in best medical universities in Germany. 

What is the Procedure to STUDY MEDICINE IN GERMANY?

  • A student has to get prepared at least 6 months prior to study in Germany.
  • Learn German language online at least till A1 and A2 level.
  • He/she may get government approved admission letter. The student may have to struggle because a normal level of German language shall not be enough.
  • In Germany, a student can learn the language up to C1 level.
  • The German Medical Council (GMC) approves the observer-ship for a student to pursue Medical PG in Germany. It is initially for 1 month and then renewed for 6 months and can extend after the next renewal.
  • Now the professional can register himself as a German Medical Practitioner with the German Medical licencing authorities.
  • After the work permit, the professional have to manage the residency on his/her own. It also depends on the language proficiency achieved by one, letter of recommendation received from the German Medical Council, and pass marks in ‘Kenntnisprufung’ (non-competitive). 
    • A student can learn A1 and A2 level language in India or his/her native country which enables one to apply for visa. 
    • 2 years MBA in healthcare management or 1 year of PG in medical is required if a student wants to go for the clinical side.
    • He/she can learn the language up to C1 level while completing the course in the same place.
    • As per the instruction of German Medical Council, an observer-ship in any German hospital is needed.
    • Application for the permanent licence is required to avail the residency.
    • The applicant gets the residency permit for minimum of 3 years and then can be renewed further. The students from India and all across the world get a good stipend while having the residency and they can also save a good amount as the cost of living is lesser than the salary.


    For the Indian doctors there are many MCI (Medical Council of India) recognised universities in Germany. Though, it depends on many factors that a student can get a PG seat in Germany.

    • The language proficiency must be good enough to be taken into consideration.
    • The letter of recommendation from the German Medical Council.
    • An aspirant must clear the German language exam up to C1 level.
    • The exit exam in Germany must be cleared by the aspirant.
    • Research work would do good job to a student. More of the research work puts more add up to the profile. 
    • The student must be practically experienced in India and if outsider, then in his/her own country.

    Indian students must check for the universities which are MCI approved.



    Doctors from India are attracted towards pursuing the profession in Germany because of a good salary package in which they can save a good amount. On an average the doctor can earn 70 lakhs to 80 lakhs in Germany. This is the reason why the international students opt for PG course in medical from Germany. They get guaranteed observer-ship in Germany. 


    Skilled doctors and their works make the European practice system for doctors vast. The government expenditure in the European healthcare system brings out easiness for the patients and the doctors. It contributes to different places in different Nations. The doctors get the good job satisfaction as they go with a systematic pattern and can save their earnings with a good life style. European doctors are highly appreciated when comes to punctuality and professionalism. They get the average salary of 65,000 euros to 85,000 euros. 


    30% of the Non-European doctors from all across the world works for the National Healthcare System of United Kingdom. UK, USA and India attract lot of doctors every year as these countries are the best known for Non-European medical studies. The Non-European doctors from anywhere mostly opt for the 3 years of training in NHS (National Healthcare System). It is the public care organisation which is funded by the state. The Non-European doctors require the work permit if want to practice in any European country. Both the European and Non-European healthcare system is excellent. According to the survey, 63% of the population puts a demand of having treated by a Non-European specialist. 

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